Aaron Stoler

Welcome! I am an environmental scientist, an ecologist, a teacher, a statistician, and a strong advocate for a sustainable future where humans and the environment coexist in a way that benefits each other.  My scientific interests are broadly focused; I have 15 years of experience in aquatic-terrestrial linkages, ecotoxicology (including focus on road salt deicers, pesticides, microplastics, fertilizers, and other common pollutants), ecosystem ecology, and relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem function. I have also conducted research on non-timber forestry production in southern New Jersey, and the sustainable use of environmental resources - with current attention to maple syrup.  Above all else, I am both a scientist and educator of students of all ages. I am passionate about changing the world through scientific discovery and by educating others in and out of the classroom. I absolutely love engaging with the community in the community and involving everyone in the process of sustainability and scientific discovery.

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Photo courtesy of Adam Redding Photography